Self love journey update: Morning routine

Since making the video, I’ve been trying to practice self love as mindful as possible. I had fun with friends, let go, had some drinks, ate good food and lived life. I had nice conversations with friends and my boyfriend. Filmed a video, inspired some people to keep a gratitude journal. It was good. Very good.

But my morning routine kind of stopped with all of the drinking and going out. But I did not let that stop me and went all the way this morning. Not only do I write things I’m grateful for or what made me happy that day in my journal, I write down manifestations when I feel like its needed. In the morning I remember myself that I went to bed on a positive note.

I wake up, drink some water and quickly visit the bathroom. I come back to bed, preferably with my furry friend DalΓ­ and I look up a guided meditation. Right now I like to meditate around 10 minutes as I’m still learning. Then I look up a beginners morning yoga flow and try to practice that on my new mat. I have to be honest. I find it very hard ahaha. But I try to do my best and get the best stretches as possible, reminding myself I will get better if I keep doing it with dedication and that I have to enjoy the process. Then I feel energized and awake and take a shower or make some breakfast. Fruit to begin with but I’ll end up with something more starchy 30 minutes later too fill me up.

Then I absolutely love watching some Youtube while eating my breakfast, trying to find some new positive and inspirational people. I’ve been on a little binge watch of Niomi Smart (good influence for health people!) and I just found out about StyleLikeYou which is one of the best things I’ve ever come across ever. Woman telling their stories while undressing themselves too show what is underneath their “style”. Might sound weird? Check it out! It was great finding people like Nai Palm, who I adore so much for her music.

I felt very happy, positive and energized to do stuff today and I’m going to keep this up. In a few days I’ll film a video about the things I’ve learned so far but I can tell you. Making the decision, to start a self love journey and being so mindful and aware of the progress. Was one of the best things happening to me. I wish you all lots of love and good vibes.



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