Self love vs diet chronicles

I’ve decided to things a little bit different. I’ve been trying to lose weight forever. Like from when I was in my early teens till now. And its been a bit more on the background since I went vegan because I simply didn’t care about weight loss anymore. I cared about the animals and as long what I ate was vegan, I didn’t care how healthy it was. Now I do have to say that I eat a way healthier diet then I used to eat and I’m not gaining anything at the moment. But… I’ve been drinking a little too much alcohol, a little too much binging sessions etc. and I’m done. I don’t feel good. I’m not in the shape I’m supposed to be.

I don’t want to do this whole diet thing again, become super strict and unhappy. Plus that shit doesn’t work. If I proved something for myself its restriction = failure. But the scary thing is… When I woke up this morning and decided to step on that scale again and saw the number. I wasn’t happy and the first thing I thought about was downloading a tracking app, restricting the calories again and force myself to go to the gym. Scary how this mindset just pops up and how unhappy I feel IMMEDIATELY after thinking about all of this. So… I kinda want to break this habbit.

I’ve decided to focus on selflove and truly doing right for my body. I have to love my body and myself as I am RIGHT now. As it is. With scars, with my chubby belly etc. I have to love it. And while I do this, I’m confident I will make better choices without even knowing. But its not only law of attraction that I want to do here, also a little bit action. Because I already now what happend when I didn’t care and I decide that I do care.

  • I will get back into my routine of waking up earlier, meditate, drink a lot of water and then make breakfast.
  • I will try to go and walk every single day and bike more often. Also I want to try out swimming?
  • I’ll dust of my little journal and will practice my gratitude and mindfulness.
  • Eating less processed food and eat more whole plant based foods. This is a grocery shopping thing.
  • Eat enough of the healthy stuff to not crave junky-food at night and start binging out for no good reason
  • Finding a part time job that doesn’t require me sitting at a desk all day but hopefully a little more active.

So yeah. This is going to be a very exciting thing. I’m not going to be like “oh I hope this is going to work out and I’m curious to see how long I’ll be able to keep it up etc.”

This is how its going to be. What greater thing is there then to truly love your own body and the skin you are in? That is what I thought. So THAT is going to be my journey and not weight loss. You might think. But Eke, what does the picture of the forest have to do with this? Well when I’m in nature I don’t care how my body looks and that I’m not losing weight, I simply care about the beauty that I’m seeing around me and how grateful I am to be there. I simply want to appreciate my body just as much as I love the sea and forest.

I’m excited to do this and share this with you. Hopefully inspire you to focus on selflove instead of numbers on a scale. Have a lovely sunday ❤







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