Lets do this right

YES. So I uploaded my first two videos, working on the third one and I feel so good and inspired. I’ve been wanting to do this stuff since for years and I can’t describe how good it feels to DO the things you want in life instead of thinking or saying you want to do them. And as expected, my little Youtube debut, the act of doing, inspires me and how I live my day to day life.

I’ve been reading, watching videos and what not about meditation, tried a few times and loved it but never ever came through with creating my ideal routine. I love reading, but I just didn’t do it because I was so used to being on my laptop watching videos or checking Instagram on my phone. Slowly but surely I’m changing things up but I can more and I can do it better.

So today when I woke up. I checked my phone automatically but decided to look up a guided meditation video for waking up. It was a short and perfect one for a meditation newbie like me. I finished it, read a couple of pages and drank water before making breakfast. Tomorrow I want to do this again, but also do a little bit of stretching or even yoga.

Excited to go to the island this week, the place I can truly clear my mind and spent time near the sea, forest and my boyfriend. I have so many things I want accomplish and with my new and more active approach I’m ready.

Lets do this.


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